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Repair and Restoration on the 1895 Ottawa Map

To understand what goes into restoring a map as old as the 1895 Ottawa Map I wanted to provide some samples of the type of repairs I did. It's very exciting seeing a map that has been deteriorating for decades begin to once again look like new.

 First I had to repair the cut that divided the map in half.  While this seems like it would be the most difficult part of the repair, it actually was not as bad as you might think because the cut was so clean.

 After this was the crease to the left of the cut.  That was much more difficult, as you can see at the top there was a chunk that was completely missing.  The rest had to be aligned and fixed.

Finally, I had to repair some of the text on some of the business advertisements around the map. This section required some ingenuity.  I had to copy an “ER” from another advertisement and copy it to this one. This goes along with the other cracks throughout the image.

So this gives an idea of some of the work that went in this particular map. If you have any questions please let me know. And please share with anyone that you think would have an interest in artwork and history.

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